Monday, January 18, 2010

"Right for You"

Recently my friend, Quaker poet Arthur O. Roberts, sent me this delightfully satirical poem, with permission to post it here.

“Right for You” by Arthur O. Roberts

Ponder with me, good folks out there,
a frequently-urged commercial admonition:
“Ask your doctor if it’s right for you!”
Right for you! Not someone else, right for you!
A reassuring fatherly voice reminds us that
this medicine “is not for everyone”, including
lesser souls who suffer one or more ailments
delineated rapidly in such sweetly dulcet tones
you know it’s right for you, especially as a smiling--
if slightly smirking—couple embrace to show
the happiness this medical wonder brings.
It’s such a faithful affirmation of our trust
in the guiding principle of individualism,
that our bodies ache for this healing balm,
and our minds eagerly respond:
“we’ll call the doctor in the morning.”

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