Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Peter explains Minecraft

Here’s a pit of witches, Grandma.
I give them levitation. They float up.
When it wears off they crash down
and die. Dead witches look like squiggles.

When horses levitate and then fall down,
they die. They take full fall damage.
The red flash lets you know.

But when cats levitate and it wears off,
they don’t die. They fall down
but they bounce back.
Cats don’t take fall damage.

Watch me make a pit of cats.
They try to get out. See them yowl and fight.
I’ll take one out, put it on a leash and give
it levitation. It’s a cat balloon!

Now about worlds,
you get to a different world through a portal.
There’s the home world
and then there’s the netherworld.

The netherworld is full of darkness and fire. Scary.
The End is under the netherworld.
It’s floating green islands in the black sky
with dragons.

Isn’t it good, Grandma,
that kittens don’t get hurt.

(From notes on a conversation with Peter, nine-years old)