Monday, May 11, 2020

Choosing life: celebrating the milestones

Life’s great moments don’t stop for a pandemic. St. John reminds us that the darkness has never overcome the light.
Family milestones are a light, commemorating past achievements and illuminating the path ahead. Or at least the beginning of the path.
Our family is celebrating three graduations this spring. Three of our grandchildren have reached an important milestone, and while their official ceremonies have been cancelled (along with the parties and other adventures), we still celebrate.
On May 2, our oldest grandchild, Breanna Joy (daughter of David and Debby), became Dr. Breanna Becker. Bree completed her graduate program in physical therapy at George Fox University. We’ve already benefited from her skills (free to grandparents!), applied to Hal’s back and my dizziness. We’re happy that she loves her new profession and has a sense of call to this service.
Our two high school graduates are Alandra Uwizera Thomas (youngest daughter of David and Debby) and Thomas Reilly Gault (oldest child of Jon and Kristin). Alandra and Reilly not only will miss their ceremonies, they both missed their senior proms. About missing the prom, Reilly felt great relief. But Alandra was disappointed. So David and Debby put on their own prom. The family, including sister Gwen, cleaned the house, dressed up in formal attire, had a special gourmet dinner, and then danced in the field next door, to the cheers of their neighbors. Alandra’s smiles tells it all.

Bree looks forward to getting a real job in a clinic. Alandra is going to major in engineering at George Fox University, while Reilly is enrolled in the University of Oregon’s School of Music, specializing in percussion and jazz.
This coming Saturday evening, the extended family will celebrate together via Zoom. From five different households, we will meet over five different dinner tables to eat and talk. Each of our graduates will share their hopes and dreams. Maybe we can persuade Reilly to give his valedictorian speech. (Kristin says he had been preparing it before the pandemic struck.)
We will bless each one in prayer.
And we will celebrate these three marvelous young people.
The light is shining.

                  Our apartment door at Friendsview