Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Favorite things (Part 1)

Favorite time of day: Early morning, before dawn.

Favorite food: Whatever Hal cooks (especially if he cleans up afterward).

Favorite movie: Babette´s Feast.

Favorite sound: Water, in all its natural manifestations. While at the beach (as I was last week), the waves pounding the shore draw me. In the mountains, it could be a stream over pebbles. Waterfalls work well, too, especially small ones.

Favorite devotional practice: Community silence and listening, Quaker style.

Favorite blog: “Can You Believe?” by Johan Maurer. It was this blog (and friendship) that pushed me to begin my own. (In other words, it’s all his fault.) And, yes, I can believe.

Favorite flashlight: It’s small, slender and exceedingly purple. It fits into a black sock-like case and goes with me when I travel. I found it in my Christmas stocking two years ago.

Favorite piece of night sky: In the southern hemisphere, in the country of Bolivia, in the village of Samaipata. I stand on a hill with no electricity for miles around, look up and am amazed at the bright thickness of galaxies without number.

Favorite collection: Heart rocks. Ever since my friend, Priscilla, generously let me choose a rock from her collection, I’ve been finding my own heart-shapes on the beach. The basket at home is supposedly for my grandkids, but actually I’m the one who likes to take out the heart rocks, feel their textures, admire their markings and lay them out in patterns on the rug.

Favorite grandchild: Impossible to choose. Each one is my favorite. Bree, Reilly, Aren, Paige, Gwen, Peter and Alandra, just like those galaxies, you light up my life. I gladly pass on to you all I call mine—my books, my sea-shells, my memories, my place in line.

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