Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Christmas God-freck

We just returned from spending the Christmas holidays with our daughter and family. We were delighted to discover that the two oldest grandkids are into homemade gifts. Six-year-old Paige made us a book, and I now want to share it, part of my vocation of encouraging young writers.

Christmas is the best holiday ever
(by Paige Gault)

I like Christmas a lot not decause of the prestents decause of God
I also like things like elfs maby I mostle like snowdall the Elf I like him a lot
I mit also like Santa and reinder bat I mostle like GOD!
I am a God freck a Big Woon!
I like the manger set a lot,
bet I do like presits a lot too!

Merry Christmas and happy new years

Happy holydays to you, too. From another God-freck (a Big Woon).

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