Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wildflowers and wet cat noses: more grace sightings

Being a God-spy requires the discipline of constant attentiveness. I confess to doing it better on some days than on others, but it’s a great exercise. Here are some recent grace-in-the-ordinary sightings:
--The intentional wildflowers that line the highway coming into Newberg: They lift my spirits all spring and summer long. Bravo, Newberg!

--Old houses: My walking routes around Newberg take me past some lovely old architecture. I like to imagine what these houses are like inside, probably full of all kinds of fascinating “crooks and nannies.”
--Summer vegetables: As a little girl I never would have imagined my finding grace in vegetables. I’ve changed. I love my weekly walk to Ray’s Produce and find beauty in the bins.

--A cold wet cat nose in my face: While I don’t always appreciate it at the moment, Chiri certainly provides me with a comical alarm clock. Plus it signals his affectionate nature.
--The unusual perspectives of autism: Returning home from church a few weeks ago, easing up the drive way, five-year-old Peter suddenly became very agitated. “Praise God, Mommy! Praise God, Daddy! Hurry up! Before the rocks yell!” He was yelling himself, almost out of control and full of fear. It seems one of the worship choruses that morning had the words, “If we don’t praise the Lord, the rocks will cry out!” He was afraid the rock waterfall and other boulders in the yard would start shouting any minute. One of the characteristics of autism is taking words literally. Peter doesn’t do metaphor. I’m still pondering his perspective on the relation between nature and worship.
--A steady diet of hugs: Good things happen when you marry your best friend. Even 44 years later.
--Christ in me, the hope of glory: Amazing. I could use a large dollop of glory about now. In the meantime, the hope of glory is no small thing.

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  1. This should be published--a small booklet I could show my family--pictures included, of course. It's delightful, rich, fun, inviting. Thank you my dear sister and friend and colleague and co-conspirator.