Monday, March 31, 2014

Grace sightings for the month of March

This God-spy has been on the move, with eyes open, ears listening, hands touching, alert, eager (except, of course, for those times when I've been none of the above). Here are some of my sightings:
--A gathering of Friends in Sacramento: I had the privilege of participating with FWCC Friends from around the hemisphere as we met in Sacramento under the theme, “Let the Living Waters Flow.” New friendships and renewed contacts highlighted this time together. It was full of grace. (Photo: Margaret Fraser, Elenita Bales, Anna Baker.)
--A birthday party: We helped Peter, our youngest grandchild, make that great leap from five to six years old. Living so close to family is a grace I don’t take for granted. Nor do I take “minion cake” for granted.
--Having our granddaughter stay with us over spring break: Not only does Breanna like to be with us, she loves to cook for us! And she does it so well. Our oldest grandchild is now a college freshman (!) at George Fox University.
--Rain on the roof at night: One of my favorite songs, and part of an Oregon March.
--Flowers on the maple tree: Yes, spring is here. Mixed in with the lovely rainy days, the sun appeared and promised more frequent visits in the near future. Daffodils also made similar promises, and hope is in the air.
--Listening to my husband play his French horn in a duet with grandson Reilly on his cello, and recognizing it as real music.
--Poems, and a writers' group to read them to: Once a month I meet with a group of other Quaker writers. We report any progress (or lack thereof) during the last month, read any new stuff, laugh a lot and leave the meeting encouraged. It’s a grace-filled highlight of my month.
--Meeting for clearness: I love this Quaker custom, and availed myself of it this month. Six Friends gathered with me around a major decision I’m having to make. It was good to be held up in the light by people I consider wise, to be silent, listen and talk together. And yes, God spoke.
--An icon for Quaker worship: How unquakerly! But how Christian. Last year I brought home this replica of a large mosaic of Jesus from the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. I love the tender expression on the face of Jesus. I love learning from other traditions. I know Jesus is more than any image, but this simple icon helps me sense certain truths that I’m learning as I walk with the living Lord. It’s a small grace I accept with gratitude (needing all the help I can get).


  1. Nancy, A much-needed reminder that family and home and friends and music and celebrations and Jesus offer peace and beauty. Thank you again. Much love, Mary

  2. You are one of God's grace-gifts to me.