Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The joy of linguistic error

I love catching myself at linguistic mistakes. Some of them are pretty funny.
Yesterday I was cleaning the bathroom and I ran out of one of my supplies. When finished, I went to the kitchen and added to my grocery list, “toilet boil cleaner.” Then I looked at what I had written and thought, “Something’s not right.” After a few seconds, I recognized the error of my ways and laughed, wondering, “What might a toilet boil be?”
Next, of course, I wrote a poem. This is a very short poem with a very long title. It may never end up in a published collection of my works, but it made me laugh. That’s worth something.

On My Sense of Indignation
Upon Learning that My Local Pharmacy
Does Not Carry Toilet Boil Cleaner
 Let's just say that I was
really really
ticked off.
My face actually

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