Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Flying High!

Since I share my birthday with the archangels, I decided to fly. Hal and I rode the seven-station zip line in the forest around Skamania Lodge, overlooking the Colombia Gorge. I like flying through the forest, every bit as much as I thought I would. We spent the night at the Lodge, in a room overlooking the river, and in the morning we hiked one of the trails, again through the forest.
This treat is thanks to Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends who, last year, gave a gift card to the lodge as a retirement gift, and we have managed to squeeze three trips out of it. This trip maxed out our card, but what a fine way to celebrate 70 years of life and grace.
Here are some photos.


  1. All the photos are great, but the zipline is really impressive. Thanks for letting us share your trip!

  2. Once again you live life to the full. Love it. Makes me celebrate with you.