Saturday, February 13, 2021

Stafford and Thomas on Aesthetics, Joy, and Snow

At the Aesthetics Meeting

We invented shape after shape,
color moving to and fro;
then outside where the plain world lives
it began to snow.

--William Stafford

On the Discipline of Joy

All right! I say to myself.
I’ll just do it.
So I clench my teeth
 and try to laugh,
 the operative word here
 being try.

stove won't light
dog won’t bite
ghost won’t fright
knot’s not tight
words are trite
 as well laugh

if you think this is funny
you’ve got another thing coming
and it just might be Jesus

I sat in the morning grim
determined not to laugh
when I looked out the window
and it started to snow.

the joy of little children
can so easily go awry
the sternness of Big People
is needed to keep control

Be like little children
Jesus said
besides, who can stay stern
when it’s snowing

new definition of sin:
staying stern in the snow

­--Nancy Thomas

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