Monday, August 6, 2012

Conversation with Hal on waste removal

On the way home
from our early morning walk,
Hal pointed to the vacant lot
across the street, drawing
my attention to a Black Thing
resting in the weeds.
He asked, “Is that a crow
or a cat?” “Or a garbage
bag?” I wondered out
loud, adding to the list
of Mysteries. I was half-way
convinced of my own perspective,
when the garbage
bag levitated, twitched
its tail, and casually
ambled off. “Too bad
it really wasn’t a garbage
bag,” I offered. “You’re crazy,”
wasn’t spoken out loud,
but he said it nonetheless. “Look
at it this way,” I posited.
“What an option this
would give us for waste
removal. Just say to the trash,
‘Go there,’ and it would arise
and go, without expensive
vehicles or the cost
of personnel. Just think.”
He conceded my point with a grin
as we, imitating the garbage
bag, ambled on home.


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