Friday, May 2, 2014

North Valley discusses human sexuality

After the prerequisite silence
we move forward, “carefully
and without inappropriate pressure.”
We seek a sense of the meeting
on matters of sensuality,
worshiping as we walk
through a mindfield of words.
Pacifists on tiptoe, we wonder
whether bonding comes before
procreation as the meaning
of marriage, decide it does.
Consensus on which distortions
to include eludes us. Should
we even mention distortions?
We try to map out “the journey
toward healing,” define sexual
wholeness without the naming
of parts or positions.
After an hour-and-a-half we
have no unified statement but
we’re all still friends. Maybe
that’s enough. Maybe it’s not.
Who says Quakers don’t
speak in tongues?


  1. After a careful and appropriate period of due deliberation, I find that I am unable to make a coherent or illuminatory comment. However, in all due candor, I must make mention of an exemplary, meritorious, and felicitous neologism to which my attention was drawn during my perusal: mindfield.

  2. Yes! Actually, that was my mistake, but Hal thought it was brilliant and deliberate, so I decided to agree with him.

  3. I loved it. The rest made me restless.

  4. I'm referring to mindfield when I say "I loved it."

  5. When I want to say "jerry-rigged," I often say "jury-rigged." Judy says it's because I grew up in Chicago.